How to link with UpCloud

You can easily link your UpCloud account with your D2C account and create/resize/destroy hosts with D2C.

Check the video or follow the step by step guide:

How to link with UpCloud:

  • Click "+Add provider"

  • Choose UpCloud 

  • Give it a name and paste your API user and password and click "+Add provider"

If you need to create API user, follow the next steps:

  • Sign in into your UpCloud account. If you don't have an UpCloud account you can register with this link and get free $25 credit.
  • Go to the UpCloud User accounts page and click "Add user". It's recommended setting up a sub-account specifically for API usage with its own username and password.

  • Fill in the required details such as the username, password, email address and a phone number. Check the Allow API connections checkbox to enable API for the user and disable the Access to Control Panel.

  • Save your new user at the bottom of the page

That's all. UpCloud account is now linked with your D2C account, and you can create hosts, make actions and deploy services on them. 

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